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March 2014

How to create a space that attracts visitors

It’s about the spaces that require high attendance, and whose task is to create a desire to come back again and again.
Firstly, you need to understand what we, the people attracted. You can tell that everyone draws that something. Yes, I absolutely agree with this. It is, however, not the case.
There are some things that I enjoy equally to all.
Secondly, it is necessary to combine the idea for which space is created with a view to what attracts us.
Idea of ​​creating a lot of space. And all of them can be linked to such things that attract us:
1. In any space should be a relaxation area / relaxation. It must be great, that would be there was not always all occupied!
Naturally, it should be free and comfortable.
2. Well, when a variety of space, it has a interesting subject.
3. The space should be modern, be the subject of innovation, be simple and open (we are not talking about the museums).
4. All materials that are used to create a space should be entirely natural. It is not necessary that something out of something to imitate. It always pushes even on a subconscious level.
5. Based on the above stated, you need to choose a professional who will follow these reasons doing interior design.
This is one of the most important conditions on the way to the creation of a space, implying a good attendance. It should be interesting, comfortable, friendly, fun, welcoming, the same as you!

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