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November 2013

Instructions for those planning to build

On the Internet a wealth of information on this subject, but it is all some kind of fragmented, not structured, not understandable for a person who is not connected with the construction area. It seems that all who write about it, do it as if for yourself or colleagues … A bunch of obscure terms without explanation … Of course, all this can clarify for ourselves the most, but it also takes a long time!

If you’re just one of those who are planning in the near future construction, this article will help you to approach this matter correctly, consistently, without making mistakes, which cost a little expensive, however. I, as an architect, I want to share with you such a manual.

So, I propose to immediately get acquainted with the sequence of steps in the upcoming construction. This kind of algorithm, a plan that you need to keep in attention.

  • 1. Determining the budget
  • 2. Site Selection
  • 3. Geology, surveying (engineering site surveys)
  • 4. Design and wiring of external communications (electricity, gas, water, sewer)
  • 5. House project (including interior design, I’ll explain later why)
  • 6. Building permit
  • 7. Interior utilities project
  • 8. Building
    • 8.1. The foundation
    • 8.2. Walls
    • 8.3. Roof
    • 8.4. Windows and exterior doors
    • 8.5. Ventilation, electrical, water, sewage and air conditioning
    • 8.6. Finish
    • 8.7. Furniture and Decorating

Each stage has its own characteristics that you need to understand. Therefore, let me tell you about them.

Defining budget and site selection.

At this point, you need to define the main thing from which everything else depends. I would advise you to have this point choose the architect, with whom you will go this way to the end. In this case, you will be a competent consultant with whom you can not go wrong with the choice of site. He sees a lot wrong about you, but through the prism of architecture. It tells you what portion has a winning types, whether favorable soil in this area for construction. Also, it will orient you to what about the budget needed at home that you want, inform about alternatives, materials, features, etc. As a result, you will know what to expect with a certain budget.

Another important tip. Okay, class architects very much. It is important to understand that though we are doing the same, each of us has his own style and way of working, its features, advantages, handwriting. We are so different. And you have to choose your architect who will taste like you, thinking maybe the character. If you act this way, then your cooperation will be pleasant, clear, entertaining adventure without painful moments and surprises.

Geology, geodesy.

When you have a building plot, order a specialized company engineering survey of soil at the site and topographical survey. Often such services are doing and construction companies. Therefore, it is possible to choose the builders, who will do everything in the complex. Very often, architects have friends building companies, who convinced him in his professional practice. Be sure to ask your architect, if he has such. If not, choose the masters together. You will be so much easier to choose the good builders.

Why do you need these surveys. In order to make a mistake no matter what the type and calculation of the foundation. This, as you know, mega important. Error with the foundation will be worth all the money spent on the construction of the house.

There is such a feature. If you have neighbors in the area that have recently been built, negotiate with them, that would give you a survey. They certainly have them. And if not, then do not try to listen to their theory that, without what you can do. Theories neighbor may seem tempting, but time puts everything in its place.

External communications.

Хорошо, участок и инженерные изыскания у вас уже есть. Теперь, архитектору и остальным проектировщикам, участвующим в вашем проекте, необходимо понимать, какие типы коммуникаций будут использоваться в вашем доме, и где они будут прокладываться на участке.

С архитектором вы решите, какое отопление у вас будет. Из этого будет понятно, нужно ли вам проводить газ на участок. Если там, где вы приобрели участок, нет централизованного водоснабжения и канализации, вам следует решить какие типы этих систем вам лучше подойдут.

Водоснабжение может быть от колодца с насосом или от скважины. Канализацией может быть выгребная яма, септик, станция биологической очистки.

Откуда вы будете брать электричество, и какая мощность необходима для вашего будущего дома.

Все эти вопросы обсуждаем с архитектором и выбираем то, что устраивает лучше всего.

Кстати, для проводки электричества, которое нужно на участке уже сейчас, вам следует обратиться в районную энергоснабжающую организацию для определения лимита мощности и получения технических условий на присоединение к сетям.

Короче, со всем этим нужно определиться, взять технические условия и сделать проект присоединения, вывода внешних коммуникаций на участке. Что касается воды и канализации, то до заливки фундамента, под него проводятся трубы.

Проект дома, включая дизайн интерьера!

I promised to explain why just with the internal design. After all, you can not agree, and say that to the design still need to live, or to say that the design – it is the last order of priority. It’s a delusion. Here’s why.

The architect who designs your house lays in the project some idea, which is very close to you. In fact, this idea – the continuation of yourself. Do not do the right architecture and interior separately, since it is very interconnected, and is one. Tearing these two media in time and to the author, we are missing the integrity of ideas. Work becomes severe, long for the designer, who will come later. In addition, with the designer, you can face the fact that the interior layout does not quite match your expectation. Stir, then what design you have to think that with them to do now. Or something is missing in the wrong place is located, etc. Unfortunately, this is a very common practice in our country, but we need to change, Stavan better, think and do effectively. So, from our path disappears huge number of unpleasant moments and emotions, loss of time and money.

There may need some additional work, which can be avoided by doing things right initially.

Communicate closely with the architect, frankly. Discuss the various options, search for what you want and delight. Be creative together. Your task is to convey the essence of its architect, that he realized who you are, what your uniqueness, your lifestyle. This joint work (synergy) of the architect and the customer will surely bring excellent results and satisfaction of both parties.

building permits

We continue to investigate. Now you have almost all it takes for that to begin construction. A wonderful project that you can not wait to implement the project of external engineering networks, and, most importantly, a dedicated budget 🙂 And what do you have there?

First, a building permit. His prepared as follows:

  • 1. Get a passport building in local planning and architecture bodies. But for this you have to bring back home a sketch project. Your architect will prepare his course.
  • 2. After receiving stroypasporta, written notice Gask (State Architectural Control) at the beginning of the development of the construction work.

As long as you do not get permission, do not try to start the construction works.

  • After this, do not forget to notify the start of construction of local authorities. Since the law is amended, it will not be superfluous from the beginning to learn about the preparation for the construction of the same local authority.

Second – materials for the start of construction:)


The very construction already has to control himself an architect, periodically giving you an account of what the situation on the construction site at the moment. The same applies to the control of the interior design. Architect and designer contact with builders and professionally decide between themselves technical problems that inevitably arise throughout the construction process.

These are the key here, and the main points that you desirable to know before you are going to buy a lot.

As you can see, the very process of building the technical, I do not write this article. This is because the article is intended for those who use the services of professionals. But if you are interested in an article on how to build a house, taking on the role of the architect in terms of monitoring the construction, let me know, I will write a good tutorial on the subject.

And yet, just take pictures on the internet for pictures. I think that the authors understand and will not be against.

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