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September 2015

Modern office. The criteria for site selection

Office – is an important tool of growth, a reliable assistant in its development, a positive customer location and organic, productive work of her team


At work, people spend almost most of his life, and of how it is organized workspace depends very much. If employees do not feel comfortable, then it affects their productivity and job satisfaction in the company. Besides taking care of the management of workplace creates a positive image of the company among clients and partners, as well as among its own staff.

The guide

when choosing premises for their office

Of course, the choice of office space for the future must take into account many factors, which can be confused. Specialists from the Workshop Dmitriy Grynevich help prevent this from happening and greatly facilitate the choice among many offers.

Let’s start with the basics, the first selection criteria:

Rhode company. If the company is engaged in manufacture or trade in, the office, it may be better to look near the production areas. Direct, fast communication between the production / storage areas and offices will greatly improve the speed of sound decision-making and quality control. In other cases, no such dependence.
Area. For a guide on one person is required 4,5-6 m2
The budget, which is valid for the company. Large corporations can afford offices in business centers of large cities. the average level of the Company’s leased premises in the former offices of factories and research institutes.
Transport accessibility. This factor, on the one hand, directly affects the price, but on the other – is a reflection of the internal management policies. Of course, you can find the cheapest area in the industrial zone on the outskirts of the city, and no public transport nearby, but then you must provide free transportation between the office and a convenient transportation hub, which is not hard to get anywhere in the city. In this case, you need to calculate that is more favorable …

  • After determining the basic criteria, we coordinate them with other, important:
  • – The first of the main – office space ventilation. Technical characteristics and parameters of the system depends on the purpose of the premises and the number of suspected people in it.
  • – Second, the air conditioning system. In areas where employees are engaged in intellectual work, it must maintain a constant temperature that does not exceed 23 degrees Celsius. Modern air conditioning systems can support in each individual room climate desired.

The rental market and the sale of business space in the process of becoming formulated and identified several classes of office space. Their four – A, B, C, D. There are a number of features that you can rely on when deciding whether to lease or buy based on the criteria outlined above


Offices class A

This class offices are located in the new building, specially built for this activity, the so-called business – centers. They are located in the administrative center, near metro stations and major transport arteries. The buildings have their own, often underground parking. Infrastructure building is completely subordinated to the specifics of its use: planning free and allows you to organize the interior space in an arbitrary manner. increased power wiring, there is an internet connection. The decoration used high-quality, expensive materials. All rooms are equipped with air conditioning, central fire extinguishing system is installed, there is an internal and external security. The building is equipped with a general-purpose facilities:

Meeting Rooms
Restaurants, cafeterias.
Service Service (dry cleaning, laundry facilities, fitness centers).

All the engineering systems are duplicated and are consistent with international standards.

Class Offices In

This class includes office centers over 7 years old, and the building is subjected to restructuring (for example, the former factory management, historic buildings). By and large, fundamental differences from the upper class does not exist, the value or prestige of these offices can have different nuances. For example, the impossibility of re-planning is not the most convenient parking or low ceilings. Infrastructure such as buildings fully complies with all the requirements for office buildings, with the exception, perhaps, service centers.

With the class Offices

The office of this class is usually a set of trade-offs, which is evaluated on the basis of their needs exactly. Choosing a room is to be prepared for the original lack some of the necessary work facilities (lack of air conditioning, parking).

Offices class D

The choice of such facilities may be dictated solely of budgetary considerations. Such facilities often are not ready to assume the functions of the office and need major repairs. However, they may prove to be the best value, if the organization is in a position to, for example, to produce a phased renovation and enter premises to work as soon as available. Moreover, such a building with a strong foundation and received competent recovery may be true “gold mine” and be a great asset.

Find premises, following the final stage, in front of the universe, is competent, unique office design and its implementation. office design should be part of a company’s branding. Today, office space may not be the same as before. It has to be different, to be memorable for customers, partners, and comfortable for employees.

Before you make educated design office, you need to make together with architects and designers of the terms of reference for its implementation. In addition to the features that are available when the executor of design engineering, there is a very effective tool – focus groups. This tool helps to understand what is really necessary to take into account in the organization of space, to avoid weaknesses that affect the productivity of the company in the office.

Focus groups are often used when introducing a new product in the production line. The effectiveness of this tool is undeniable. Therefore, it is possible to use with success in any study for data extraction objective. Design offices are no exception.

Based on these criteria, you can greatly facilitate the search for a suitable site for your company and organize a unique space that works for the company.

Good luck and prosperity!