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August 2014

Principles of energy-efficient homes

Now the theme of energy conservation is more than relevant, and I’m sure with time will only be built such houses, it is a mandatory norm everywhere.

There are two concepts of houses: passive house and, in fact, energy-saving.A

The definitions of these concepts described many times by different authors.

The passive house – this is when the service homes is spent 0 energy. That is, the house itself produces the necessary amount of energy for life. In other words, for example, the house does not need a separate heating system at all, because the heat loss is kept to an absolute minimum. Detailed specifications, rules and regulations for the construction of passive houses are described by Dr. Volfrangom Feist, the founder of the Passive House Institute in Darmstadt. At the moment, “passive” house for us ideal for which to strive. So far, to build a passive house is difficult, although it is possible (I mean us).

Energy-efficient house – this is the house that seeks to passive. However, its value is the specific consumption of heating should not exceed 35 kWh / m2.

There is still such a moment, the glass area of ​​energy-efficient homes should not be large. This is not usually unambiguous. On the contrary, the proper installation, location, as well as the use of “special” windows, panoramic windows makes the additional source of energy.

«Special” window – it is those in which used:

  • A) insulated frame (U≤ 0,85 W / (m2K) with a low-slung glass edges.
  • B) triple glazing with two low-emission coating and filling the inter-glass space with an inert gas.

However, the building is a “passive” houses, glazing area is desirable to still reduce.

The main rules that you need to understand and comply with.

  • 1) Simple geometry, absence of complex shapes and designs.
  • 2) The use of solar energy. This means the right to place the building on the site, right to place the window.
  • 3) sealed, airtight building envelope. The absence of cold bridges.
  • 4) Recuperative ventilation that provides fresh air 25-30m3 per hour per person. Exchanger – is a heat exchanger. That air that comes into the room, pre-heated by coming out in the winter and cooled in summer.
  • 5) The use of ground power. For heating and air conditioning can and should use the free energy that gives the ground.
  • 6) the building envelope (roof, walls, foundations, floors) should have a thermal conductivity of not higher than U = 0,15Vt / (m² · K) for passive houses. Or heat transfer resistance not lower than R0 = 6,67 (m² ° C) / W. This means that the walls should be well warmed. Of course, it would be good to achieve such performance single-layer structure (I’m on the wall), and so, no matter what she was much thicker. Now there are such materials, but they are either too expensive, or it’s some bullshit another. So it is expedient to use the combined structure, which are time-tested.

I’m not here trying to explain full recipe construction of such houses. To build them, you must be an experienced professional. I just wanted to say that very soon we will begin a mass to build such houses, or homes will be ruined in the last century. It’s simple! And every skepticism among some very soon pass, and everything will be as pretty building that has long been building a civilized country in the same latitudes.

It does not say anything new. I was just reminded of it once again, and respect for those who do the same.

By the way, here is a link in the bargain, which is officially registered lined passive houses:

http:// www.passivhausprojekte.de/index.php#k_