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June 2014

The principles of good design.

There are many designers and very little design.
What would you do the design, you need to understand the simple but fundamental things. Out of 100% of designers or architects, the fundamental thing to grasp just 30% percent. However, after graduation, design is not 30%, and much more.
What is expressed in the design?
Design – is the ratio of forms, proportions, colors and textures. Design – are technical solutions that make life easier, and human interaction with the environment okruzhvyuschey. Design – is a healthy microclimate. Design – it is functional. What makes our lives easier, more enjoyable and better. Just something to everything! It’s not crazy monogram, complex patterns, ornaments, gold-plated, beads and stones, super structure in different levels, copies of antique furniture, or an imitation of it, draping the last century than all the pseudo-designers unhappy stuffed interiors.
We live in a time when technology is rapidly evolving, when most work processes are automated. Our generation – a generation of intellectuals. We have a lot to think and manage the processes through programs and technology.
Do you know why I’m writing all this?
All this must be understood and taken into account in design and architecture.
Yadumayu that the development of the country – is a consequence of its citizens and society. Changing values, principles, a way of thinking and changing all around them. Everything becomes adapted to the modern evolving man.
If and when it was thought that the more complex pattern or a decorative element, so it is refined, but now everything tends to the simplest. Previously concealed design for mass ornate decor, and is considered an art, now an art – to show these structures show how beautiful they are, to emphasize this. There is nothing to hide, everything is fine. That is art. To open our eyes to the obvious.
The amazing thing is that all the geniuses and great men of all times and people always knew it and everyone was talking about it. “Simplicity is the natural result of perfect development” (Bruce Lee). “In nature, behavior, style, generally around the unrivaled excellence – is simplicity” (Henry Wadsworth Longfellow). “The clothing try to be elegant, but not a dandy; a sign of grace – good manners, but a sign of ostentation – luxury “(Socrates). You can find a lot of aphorisms about the simplicity of the Internet by the greatest men in the history of mankind.
The design should be simple, functional, it just has to be useful and aesthetic.

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