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March 2015

The process of the workshop on the draft Dmitry Grinevich

Often the client at the first contact with us asking why is the project and how is it working out. Where it all begins, as the process and implementation. First of all, these questions interested those who first confronted with the necessity of arrangement of the interior or the building.
Therefore, I thought it might be useful to outline briefly the process of project development and interaction designer with a client. However, here I will give an example of the work our workshop DMITRIY GRYNEVICH. Each architect and designer has his own method of work, however, have a lot in common.

So, it all begins with the fact that we need to understand what the client likes and what expectations he has from the design. First, you need to consider a comfortable and functional layout. An it s client. Understand the customer’s lifestyle, his stylistic preferences. To this end, measurements are taken of premises, carried out their analysis and photographic images. We read in conjunction with the customer a variety of interiors that would catch the vector of development of the concept. We propose to complete a short brief in which formulated the questions that will help us understand more about the problem and the client.
There are several possible solutions. At this stage, we need to identify the features of the one who came to us. After all, the design that we need to develop and implement – the mapping of the customer (or customers), but only in the architectural sense


Once defined the concept and layout, dense work begins on our workshop by design ideas. On the basis of these ideas made rough sketches of the interior and discussed with the client. Following the discussion, adjustments are made and discussed again. Picked furniture, equipment. When all the sketches agreed upon, the next step – visualization, in which everything is as it should be as a result of the implementation, with all that was selected before it is displayed. Here, the customer sees everything as is in fact, when the repair will be over. This step allows the client without a doubt say to yourself: “Yes, absolutely all wrong!”. It allows you to see your interior with all details even before purchasing materials, furniture, equipment and conduct construction work.

Now is the time to develop all the components, engineering, technical solutions, and to transfer all the drawings and specifications that allow builders to implement design into reality.
Often we make the first drawings in parallel with the development of design. For such construction, dirty work as the disassembly, assembly, installation of communication terminals, it is possible to do already when the approved plan with furniture and equipment. This saves time. I note that we coordinate with the client finally all for what would have been safe to proceed to the rough construction and repair work.

One final and very important stage – the presence of the designer in the construction of the project and compliance control. In this step, a designer regularly visits the facility and monitors its implementation, in order to prevent deviations. If in the process of having, or any unforeseen technical difficulties, the designer finds their decision and agree with the builders. Also, the designer checks the various samples of manufacturers and suppliers of furniture and decor. Monitors the compliance of finished products to the previously provided samples.
This continues until all construction and finishing works and assembly of interior all that stipulated in the draft. But even after the client has settled, the designer must make sure that the client is satisfied, and the design remains as was established. Therefore, by the time we are trying Contact this customer, to find out if everything was okay, did not have any problems there, and take a review of the work with us.