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February 2014

What are the materials used in the interior

If you’re reading this, then you are either faced with this problem, or want to expand their knowledge in this area. (Be sure to read up to the end)
In any case, it is correct.
We are surrounded by a lot of materials, all say that their product is the best, and you are in big confusion.
Criteria for selection of materials.
Firstly, the materials should be natural. Nor any imitations! It is unacceptable. Do not deceive yourself!
You know, it’s so …
This, too, there is an artificial eggs, or get paid fake money. There can not be a tree in the laminate, plastic, linoleum. There can be no marble tiles, wallpaper, panels, etc. There can be gypsum foam skirting boards. There can be a stone in the polyurethane foam or plaster. NO-MO-Jet
It’s all false, and it is felt. Even if you come for the first time in the room and do not know anything about it. It pushes, creates not a pleasant feeling. It becomes not cozy.
Indignant? Continue …
Even of the materials at hand, cheap or even free, you can make a “masterpiece” interior. Just always have to observe the main condition – the material is exactly what he is is
You know, if I use, for example, plastic is aware that it is an excellent material. From it you can make any shape, it’s incredibly flexible practical. However, I will not be using this material as the mimic.
In general, if you follow only two rules, you’ll always make the right choice.
Rule №1. Material should always be what it is. That is to say, be natural and “honest”
Rule №2. If the materials that you want to use in the interior of expensive, and you can not afford to let them now, see rule №1 and know that there are other materials that you can afford right now. And because they can make an interior that is unsurpassed!